The youth of today are a bundle of energy and talent!

The Student Council of the college with the help and guidance of their professors conducts numerous cultural activities to broaden the outlook of the students as well as to explore the hidden talents in them and thereby enhance their overall personality.



Freshers' Party

Celebration of Days

A freshers' party is organized to welcome the new batch each year

Advertisement Day


Days Celebrations

Various Days Celebrations : Hindi Diwas, Back to School Day, Cartoon Day, Traditional Day, Group Day, Autograph Day, Sari Day, Rainy Day, Odd Day and many more are celebrated.

The Independence Day & The Republic Day

The Independence Day & The Republic Day are celebrated with a feeling of dedication and love for our Motherland India. Students perform dances and skits giving a patriotic message.


Educational Visits & Picnic



academics and co-curricular activities


The Annual Day

The Annual Day, where more than 150 students participate in dances, skits, dramas, pyramids, songs and many such items leaving the audience enthralled with their performance.