1. Professional Certified Courses:

Professional courses help students in earning a privilege and a cutting edge over others in the present global scenario. In keeping with the said view, the college has initiated various career-oriented courses like:

  • Tally ERP 9 Ace Accountant Course from Tally Academy
  • CCC Certification Course of NIELIT
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics
  • Web Development
  • IBPS Bank- P.O. and Clerk Exams Training Course

2. Communication Skills & Personality Development Course:

To make our students fluent in English and to groom their personality, Communication Skills & Personality Development course is run by the college. Through this course, the girls get an opportunity to enhance their language skills and refine their thought process. It is an interactive programme encompassing discussions and audio visual presentations touching all aspects of life: from social to personal.

3. Remedial and Extra-Coaching Classes for Slow and Advance Learners:

Remedial classes are conducted for struggling students to provide them with remedial teaching. These classes shore up their basic skills and provide the slow learners with an extra support which can help them catch up to their peers. The college also caters to the special learning needs of advanced learners. The students are provided with extra guidance after the classes whenever necessary.Both the classes are arranged to encourage students to ask as many questions as necessary to understand a subject and clear the concepts.

4. Students’ Council – Perfect Planners and Effective Co-ordinators:

The Students’ Council election/ selection is usually conducted during the academic year. With the formation of the Council and the Committees, extra and co-curricular activities are planned for the entire academic year. It is commendable that the Council Members headed by the General Secretary manage the respective events (Competitions, Seminars, Guest-lectures, Days’ Celebration, Community Outreach programmes, etc.) as per the direction and guidance of the Principal and the faculty members.

5. Short-Term Computer Courses:

The institute boasts of a well-equipped computer lab under VVICS wherein short term computer courses like Web development, Graphics designing, Data entry operator, Tally with GST, CCC and Digital Marketing are conducted for the students. Many students avail the benefits of these courses and gain an expertise in computer literacy.

6. Aptitude Test for the Students:

The statistics reveal that 70 % of world’s recruitment companies use aptitude test as a part of their recruitment procedure. These types of tests often permit potential companies to learn more about candidate’s personality and abilities. Therefore, the college also conducts an aptitude test on premises in order to make students know their intelligence quotient, their strengths as well as their preference for a particular vocation.

7. Career Counseling and Expo:

Career guidance and counseling programmes aim at providing assistance and advice to students to make them more and better informed about their future educational and career choices. It also helps the students to realize their strengths and weaknesses by instilling self-awareness, decision making skills, planning skills, personality development etc. Therefore, the college keeps seminars, guest lectures, workshops, educational and field visits at regular intervals. Simultaneously, career expo is also organized twice a year to bridge the gap between potential employees and the industries.

8. Orientation Programme for Students and Parents:

An Orientation Programme for students and parents is organized in the beginning of the academic year in order to make them aware about the academic scenario, infrastructure, teaching-learning methodology and other support systems of the Institute. In other words, an attempt is made to create conducive environment for a congenial interaction between college authorities and stakeholders.

9. Parents’ Meet – A Forum for Mutual Discussion:

We at Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce believe that our objective is not only to impart education but also realize the dreams, aspirations and expectations both of students and their parents. Thus, in order to create a sense of goodwill, trustworthiness and familiarity, Parents’ Meet is organized as and when required during the course of the year. Parents are regularly updated about the performance and attendance of their ward.

10. Thalassemia Check-up – Gateway to Positive Health:

It is important for individuals to be aware of their Thalassemia trait status. Therefore, Thalassemia Check-up is organized in order to ensure the awareness regarding the same amongst students. It covers Sickle Cell Anemia Check-up and Thalassemia Check-up.

11. Organisation of Blood Donation Camp:

Every year on College Establishment Day, a Blood Donation Camp is organized in order to sensitize students as well as parents & staff members to be a part of the noble cause of blood donation and thus lend a helping hand to our fellow human beings and contribute in saving precious lives.

12. Gynaec Counseling – The World of Women:

Regular Counseling sessions by leading gynecologists of the city aim at being eye-openers for the students regarding modern-day gynaec ailments. Most importantly, it gives an opportunity to the students to interact with the experts and thereby find a solution to their troubled state of health. We conduct Gynaec sessions not only for students but also for their mothers on topic like Breast and Cervical Cancer.

13. SMS & Global Board – Messengers of VVWCC:

The institute has initiated the practice of sending messages through SMS and mobile friendly app Global Board as well as E-mails to notify the students as well as the Alumna about notices, circulars, events, announcements, various seminars, workshops, career guidance sessions, campus interviews etc. conducted by the college.

14. Scholarships for Meritorious Students:

The institute provides substantial amount as academic scholarships to the meritorious and deserving students. Such provisions are intended to promote high seriousness amongst students towards academic excellence.

15. Provision of Free-ship:

The college lives up to the motto of Women Empowerment not only by means of words but also through actions. In this regard, the Vanita Vishram Management allots Free-ship to the deserving &underprivileged students.

16. Awareness Programmes and Seminars:

Awareness Programmes are an integral part of education at VVWCC. To make students cognizant about what is going on in this fast moving world, throughout the year, awareness seminars and workshops on some of the most burning issues are organized. These seminars serve as constructive complements to education and facilitate understanding of the relationship between social responsibility, community service, and professional development.

17. Celebration of ‘Being Human Week’: A Way to help Society

There is a proverb: ‘Charity begins at home.’ In other words, it begins in the near   neighbourhoods of a person. Every year a Donation Week is organized to help the deprived and needy people of our city. We visit many institutions and generously donate woolen clothes, stationery, toiletries, food, medicines and such other day-to-day items, which could give these people a decent living. These efforts of the college help students realize their social and moral duties and make them more sensitive towards needy who strive hard even to earn the bare essentials of life.

18. Self Defence Training Programme:

Keeping in view the utmost importance of the safety and security of girl students, every year the college organizes a ‘Self-Defence Training Programme’ in collaboration with Police Headquarters, Surat. Through the on-campus training camps of 15 days each, the girl students get the confidence to handle any such situation if encountered and learn a lot about protection and the importance of moving forward and being on the defence.

19. Cash Prizes:

A substantial amount of is awarded every year as Cash Prize not only to appreciate the winners of University, National, State, District and City level achievers but also to encourage them further to continue this journey of achievements. of life.