Vanita Vishram has started Vanita Vishram Innovation & Research Centre in campus itself to promote culture of research among faculties, research scholars and students. Under this centre, a recording studio has been setup with professional camera and other recording and video editing facilities. In this studio our faculties and students record their videos and later they are uploaded on YouTube channel of the centre. Subscribe to the channel so that you can get notification whenever any video is uploaded.

Following is the list of videos uploaded by our faculties:

  1. Issue of Bonus Shares by Prof. Himanshu Thakkar
  2. Cost Profit Volume Analysis by Prof. Himanshu Thakkar
  3. Factors Affecting Perception by Prof. Divya Patel
  4. Sales vs. Marketing by Prof. Dr. Arnaz Bhatporia
  5. Economics for Managers by Prof. Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava
  6. Preparation of Company Final Accounts by Prof. Himanshu Thakkar