It gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment when our alumnae excel in their professional lives and they are honoured with accolades by the society and the government at different levels. Following are few recognition achieved by our alumnae.

Ms. Karishma Dhankani, Director Reaghan Fashions Pvt. Ltd. won Best Export Award

One of our alumna Ms. Karishma Dhankani, Director of Reaghan Fashions Pvt. Ltd. was awarded “Second Best Export Performance Award in Micro & Small Scale Sector” for the year 2018-19 by the worthy hands of Ms. Smriti Irani, Minister of Textiles,  Govt. of India. Ms. Karishma Dhankani was a student of first batch of B. Com. 1998-01.

Ms. Nazneen Shaikh won Miss Polo International Award-2018

One of our alumna Miss Nazneen Sheikh who represented India in a Beauty Pageant and won the title of Miss Polo International-2018. She was also FBB Femina Miss India-2016 Finalist. Ms. Nazneen Shaikh was a student of batch of B. Com. 2011-14.

Ms. Savi Sharma - Best Selling Author

Ms. Savi Sharma is a renowned and best selling author and novelist. Till date she has written 3 books. All of them are huge success. Her books are

  1. Everyone Has a Story
  2. This is not Your Story
  3. Everyone Has a Story – 2

She is also the co-founder of motivational media blog “Life & People” where she writes about positivity, meditation, law of attraction, and spirituality. She was a student of batch of B. Com. 2010-13.