If you have any grievance of any type of harassment, discrimination or inappropriate conduct by any student or staff, you may write your complaint to grievance[@]vvwccollege.org (Remove [ ] to make email address valid)


The Women Cell is constituted to maintain a harmonious atmosphere at the Institute, to enable women to pursue their work with dignity and reassurance. The Cell has been working to raise awareness on gender equality issues. One of the Women cells’ mandate is to prevent gender discrimination and inappropriate sexual conduct. In order to maintain safety and security to the girls and women, a grievance redressal cell is also constituted. The following activities were conducted under the guidance of this cell.


The functions of this cell is to purely safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members and also to provide a platform for listening to their complaints. The cell also tries to incorporate hygiene habits and ensure a healthy atmosphere in and around the college. It tries to equip students with the knowledge of their legal rights and redress their grievances. The cell conducts seminars and lectures by the specialists and eminent personalities for discussing contemporary women related issues. The following activities were conducted under the guidance of this cell.

  1. Gynaec Counselling: Two seminars were conducted during the year. One Seminar was conducted on ‘Gynecological, Psychological & Sexual Problems of Young Women’ by Dr. Purnima Nadkarni – Director, 21st Century Fertility Centre, Nimaaya, Surat on 28/08/19. She enlightened young girls about taking care of hygiene & educated them along with the preventive measures in case of any kind of sexual problems. Another Seminar was conducted on ‘Common Gynaec Problems in College Going Girls & Their Management’ by Kajal Mangukiya who is a renowned gynecologist of Surat city and is associated with Chains of Mangukiya Hospital Orkid, Surat on 11/02/2020. She gave very extensive views about the key nutrients, which would help in raising the hemoglobin levels. She gave an idea about the proportion of requirement of calorie intake, the different kinds of vitamin and diet which helps to raise the haemoglobin levels in the young girls. She also discussed about ‘Cervical Cancer: Its causes, symptoms, methods of prevention’.

  2. Health related Awareness Session: Under the Women’s Cell, a health counselling session was conducted on ‘Blood Donation and Anaemia Awareness’ on 02/07/2019. The purpose of the session was to promote awareness towards blood donation and anaemia prevention. The session was conducted by Dr. Rachna Dalal, Member, Indian Dietetics Association (IDA), Surat. In all 124 students of SY B.Com attended the seminar. The speaker informed about the required haemoglobin levels in males and female bodies. She also guided about Anaemia.

  3. Breastfeeding Awareness Session: Under the Women’s Cell, a Seminar on ‘Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life’ themed on the occasion of the World Breast Feeding Week was organized on 01/08/20. It was conducted under guidance of Dr. Meenakshi Tripathi of SPTMC. A team of four girl students of SPTMC lead by Ms. Zainab along with one paediatrician also shared their insights on this topic.

  4. Self-Defense Training Camp: Six-Days Self Defense Camp was conducted from 09/12/19 to 14/12/19 to acquaint students with tactics of avoiding sexually harassing behavior & to educate them with the ways & means to be adopted for escaping from such situations.

  5. Seminar on “Tobacco Addiction: Silent Killer: Under the Women’s Cell and in association NSS Unit of the college, a health counselling session was conducted on ‘Tobacco Addiction: Silent Killer’ on 29/06/19. The purpose of the session was to promote universal human values and awareness of tobacco-driven diseases. The session was conducted by Dr. Sanjay G. Shah, Chief Medical Officer, SVNIT, Surat. 122 students of SY & TY B.Com attended the seminar. The session started with the introduction of the speaker by Ms. Bindiya Deladia, alumnus who was actively involved in arrangement of the session.

  6. Celebration of International Women’s Day: It was celebrated on 09/03/20, wherein three of our Alumni  Ms. Shreya Vishwakarma – Deputy Manager at Kotak Mahindra bank, Ms. Karishma Dhankani – Director at Reaghan Fashions Private Limited & Ms. Astha Desai -Wealth Advisor at Haardik Nayak Wealth Management Pvt Ltd, Surat were felicitated for their professional escalation & achievements.


  1. Gynaec Counselling: A Seminar on ‘Common Gynaec Problems in College Going Girls & Their Management’, ‘Prevention is Better than Cure-Vaccination at Your Age’ & ‘First Love Yourself’ were conducted by renowned Gynaecologists namely Dr. Rupal Shah, Medical Director, Rupal Hospital for Women, Dr. Deepa Patel, Physician & Nutritionist & Dr. Trupti Choudhary,Psychiatrist. They guided the students and made them aware about various adolescents’ problems and issues concerning females.

  2. Health related Awareness Session: A special session for-‘How to Raise Haemoglobin Levels’ was conducted byDr. Manisha Jhawar, President, State Organisation of Gynecologists & Obstetrician of Gujarat Indian Menopause Society to spread necessary awareness about importance of maintaining haemoglobin levels.

  3. Breast Feeding Awareness Session: Seminar on ‘Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life’was organized in consultation with Dr.V.N. Solanki, Associate Prof. FSN Dept., SPTMC & Dr. Rehana Kalolwala, Pediatrician, Surat Pediatric Association along with students of SPTMC.

  4. Enlightenment through Seminars: A workshop on ‘Awareness regarding 181- Abhayam Mahila Helpline’,an initiative by Woman and Child Development Department, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar was organized on 29/8/2018.It was conducted by Ms. Priyanka Gamit, Counsellor of this Helpline; in presence of constable Ms. Harsha Dodiya. 95 students participated in the workshop.

  5. Self-defence Training Camp: A 5-Day Self Defence Camp- Mission Sahasi 2018 was conducted from 22/10/2018 to 26/10/2018 in association with Women Development Cell, VNSGU. 70 students enthusiastically participated in the said camp.

  6. Seminar on Nutrition Requirement for girls of age group 18 – 22: Khushboo Choksi who is a nutrition consultant and a dietician from VAMA wellness Centre for women conducted a session for the students on August 31, 2018. She gave a very comprehensive view about the key nutrients required for a healthy body. She gave an idea about the proportion of requirement of calorie intake, proteins, and carbohydrates, the different kinds of vitamins, calcium, iron and Zinc in the young girls. She also advised the students to go for regular exercises for a fit and healthy life. She explained them the importance of adopting a healthy habits like keeping a check on junk foods, adopting exercise or sport habit daily. In all 128 students earnestly attended the seminar.

  7. International Women’s Day Celebration: The College celebrated International Women’s Day on 9th March, 2019 by arranging an awareness programme by Mr. Pamir Shah, Marshal Art Expert who demonstrated various techniques self defence and guided the students regarding self protection.


  1. Gynaec Counseling: On the fourth Saturday ofevery month Gynaec sessions and personal counseling was arranged by inviting renowned Gynaecologists of Surat namely Dr. Usha Valadra, Dr. Manisha Jhawar & Dr. Mitsu Doshi who guided the students and made them aware about various adolescents’ problems and issues concerning females. Also, a special session for the mothers of students’ was arranged to make them aware about Breast and Cervical Cancer.

  2. Pre-Marital Counselling: Talk Show on ‘Balancing Work and Home’ was organized on 21/07/17 by inviting Dr. Poonam Gujrani, Writer & Poetess and Ms. Urmila Urmi, Teacher & Poetess.

  3. Breastfeeding Awareness Session: A seminar on ‘Breastfeeding- Support Close to Mothers’ was organized on 2/8/2017 by inviting Pediatrician Dr. Swati Vinchurkar & Professor Ms. Meenakshi Tripathi along with a group of students of SPTMC.

  4. Awareness through Movies: Every year, awareness is created among students by the showcasing of women-centred movies. This year the movie ‘PadMan’ was showcased by taking the girls to Valentine Theatre, Surat by arranging a special screening only for females and providing tickets at concession rates.

  5. Awareness through Competitions: A Poster-Making Competition based on the theme of ‘Women Empowerment’ was organized in the college wherein the students came up with novel ideas of empowering women through means of creative posters.

  6. Self-defence Training Camp: As a part of the government initiative of Women Safety, 2 Self Defence Workshops of 2 weeks were conducted in the month of August by Mr. Sensei T. Ali Chandabhai Dr. – The head of ISSKA HOMBU Institute. Taking advantage of this invaluable opportunity, 68 girls took training in the current academic year. Till date 11 batches of Self-Defence are organised imparting training to approximately 335 girls of our college since February 2014.

  1. Enlightenment through Seminars: Varied awareness seminars focusing on health- both physical and mental were organized round the year for the students:

  • Vimal Rathi, Dentist conducted a guest lecture on ‘World PHD Celebration and Promotion’ on 8/7/17.

  • Raj Shetty,Head, AAYU conducted a Guest Lecture on ‘Holistic Health’on 4/12/17.

  • Dr. Mitsu Doshi, Director,Blossom IVF Centre and Me & Mummy Hospital conducted an Awareness Seminar on ‘Awareness about Breast Cancer & Cervical Cancer’on 28/12/17.