Assitant Sub-Inspector

I like the fact that the Professors and staff are very caring. They give my child more individualized attention than she has had before. The atmosphere of the college is very positive and healthy. It is good to see that the college gives equal priorities for both academics and extracurricular activities. Here, not only education is provided but the over-all personality of the child is groomed to prepare her for her future.

Other activities like seminars, competitions, sports etc, are conducted satisfactorily.  The infrastructure is amazing with quality classrooms, a well-equipped library, huge sports complex and canteen. Overall the college is continuing to provide support by preparing students to face the corporate world.


Chartered Accountant

I am very much happy that my daughter is doing her graduation in commerce from Vanita Vishram Women’s College, Surat. Every Parent desires for the grooming of one’s child and this college has proven this in all aspects-such as education, sense of discipline, high moral and ethical values, social works etc. The location of College is in mid of the city and easily approachable. The College organizes many social programmes like-Blood Donation Camp, Tree Plantation, Old Age Home Visits, Orphanage Home Visits etc.

The principal of the college Dr. Abhilashji Agarwal has good public relations, attitude and knowledge to educate the students in all academic and non academic sectors.


Police Sub-Inspector, Crime Branch

Vanita Vishram Women’s college of commerce rightly follows this famous saying of Abert Einstein. A quality education with a blend of education and cultural activities is offered in this college. The professors in this college strive to shape young minds so that they can excel in studies. The college also takes immense efforts in giving extra knowledge by conducting various short term courses in college premises. The social activities promoted by this college helps our children to become a responsible citizen.

I am thankful to the college for making my daughter capable enough to flourish in future and become a resourceful person.


J. H. Ambani Vidhyamandir, Surat

This college has offered my daughter more than we as parents ever desired for. The college has prepared my daughter to face the real world. She has started valuing the moral values more than before. She now has an inbuilt desire to work for women and empower then. I too like the inclination of college towards women empowerment, which will give us educated mothers for the coming years. I value the efforts of the professors and Principal in traning our children meticulously before they step out in the competitive world out there.

I thank the institution for grooming the students so well and wish the college a bright future ahead.



VVWCC is a platform where students get chance to empower their dreams and groom themselves into responsible citizens. After admitting my daughter in VVWCC, my major concern for my daughter’s well being is now no more an issue to be worried about, as there is good security arrangement in the campus for students’ safety. Professors in the college too make sure that there is two-way communication.

I am heartily thankful for the encouragement, dedication and patience displayed by the staff in handling my child and contributing to make her life worthy.


Finanacial Controller
Sahiba Ltd.

I am pleased that my daughter is studying in VVWCC. The college not only provides a comprehensive curriculum to the students but also various opportunities to explore their latent talents and groom their personality. Library is regularly upgraded and it is ensured that all relevant material for studying is provided. College also makes sure that students are professionally groomed by providing short-term courses like Tally, CCC, and Personality Development etc.

College works on a social level too by organizing visits to orphanage, old age home, arranging tree plantation programmes, and Blood donation camps at college and ensuring students’ involvement in the same.


Ryan International School, (CBSE) Surat

Vanita Vishram College for women is a center of excellence in women education. Today I feel extremely happy to express my views about this institution. The institution has embarked its foot prints in high quality academic programmes. Moreover, it provides training activities matching to the practical world.

The true wealth we give to a girl child is her “RIGHT TO EDUCATION”. We do not prepare her LIFE, we give her a WAY TO LIFE and this college is just the correct place for this cause. I wish good luck and success to the institution.


Senior Manager (Engineer)
Reliance Industries Ltd.
Hazira, Surat

An institution is known by its rich history, academic excellence, progressive attitudes and the value it imbibes among its students. VVWCC is doing exactly the same task. Apart from the professional and experienced staff, they provide numerous opportunities for girls to showcase their talents and hone their sportive edge.

The institution truly fulfills its promise of bringing out the best from each of its students and ensuring that they produce not only graduates, but a completely independent and confident set of women which is the need of the hour.


Senior Manager
Khushi Enterprises

Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce is a perfect place where, “Dreams meet Opportunities”, where Principal Madam being the strong pillar, professors being the storehouse of knowledge and the college premises with its positive vibes adds 5 stars to the name of the college.

I heartily thank honourable Principal Madam and all the professors for their guidance and all the moral values that they have imbibed in today’s youth. I extend my gratitude to this commendable institution and wish that Vanita Vishram continues to prosper in future.


Surat District President of NBSII
Krav Maga Instructor for Surat Police & Women Self Defense In Suraksha Setu
Guinness World Record Holder 2014

Being a parent, it is my responsibility to ensure that my daughter gets admission in the right college where studies & co-curricular activities go hand in hand. According to me, Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce is the apt one for my child.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the relentless efforts of the Principal Madam Dr. Abhilasha Agarwal & her entire team of dedicated Professors for providing excellent education to the students. Besides studies, co-curricular activities are also given equal importance. Also, the college provides value added courses which help in grooming the skills of my daughter & all other students.


Assistant Professor
Bhagwan Mahavir College of Biotechnology

I consider VVWCC as A PLATFORM OF OPPORTUNITIES; opportunities of every kind – be it academic, cultural, literary, sports or any other field of excellence.

The quality of education being offered here has a class of its own. But, what satisfies me the most is the values, ethics, principles and the lessons of life taught here. For instance, I remember my daughter recalling her Principal Madam’s words, a day before leaving for Mumbai for S.N.D.T. Yuva Mahotsav, “Neither be too happy if you win, Nor be too broken down if you lose.” I was glad to know that she, like every normal teenager who tends to have extreme responses to situations would now gradually be learning how to keep a balanced approach towards life.


Panel Officer
Reliance Industries Ltd.
Hazira, Surat

I like to share my views about the college. From time to time I have seen my daughter growing more responsible towards her life. Her happiness while going to college makes me think that my decision of admitting my daughter in this college was fruitful.

The activities that college comes up with, to boost the student’s creativity and knowledge is indeed commendable. The college is also very well established with the sports complex and canteen facilities. Infrastructure wise also college is well established.


Assistant Vice-President
HDFC Bank Ltd.

It is always said and proved that the college is the place where student learns the most and is considered as the second home. These are the days where the students’ best time is spent and they get matured enough to learn, understand and act. These are days which are very difficult to forget and stays with one’s life forever.

VVWCC is an impeccable synonym for all of the above, which is not only imparting an education but equally focusing on all facets of the important (present and future) needs of the students, which every student dreams of, be it sports, art, cultural activities or personality development. I express a feeling of pride and sincere gratitude at the fact that that my daughter is a part of this progressive institution.


Associate Professor
S.P.B. English Medium College of Commerce

The role of education is not just assimilation of bookish knowledge but more than that the overall development of character and personality. Quality education along with leadership qualities and co-operative learning ensures that the youth of today become promising citizens of tomorrow.

My wife and I, both being teachers by profession do firmly believe that our daughter has made the right choice in terms of her higher education. The college provides an ideal learning environment. I wish great success to the institution for future.


Freelance Journalist

I feel proud and glad to give my views about the renowned institution namely Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce where my daughter named Ms. Shilpi Burman is pursuing her graduation studies. The college has really helped her in developing good understanding of the subject matter; social etiquettes and is helping her groom into a responsible citizen.

I believe that teachers play a pivotal role in the life of students. The college is having excellent faulty members who possess in-depth knowledge and experience. Then comes infrastructure and in this respect the college has well-equipped classrooms with interactive boards. The premises also include up-to-date computer laboratory, sports room, DELL lab, and the most important place is library with wonderful collection of books followed by a conference room and a central hall. I wish all the very best to the institution.


Sheth Dhanjisha Rustamji Umrigar Memorial School

I feel highly privileged to write something about Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce where my daughter named Ms. Srushti Seth is pursuing her graduation studies. Late Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the President of India said, “Education is there to find out for what we are in this world.” Without proper and adequate education, there can be no progress in life.

Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce is committed to the advancement of women through the provision of educational opportunities and facilities that enhance their personal development, empowerment and rejuvenation. The college offers not only regular graduate level course in commerce, but also some other academic opportunities and facilities like Tally. ERP 9 and other career-oriented short-term courses on communication skills and personality development. This institution works for the upliftment and self-reliance of women in the society. My daughter is lucky to be an integral part of VVWCC. I am thankful to the principal and the faculty members for being the friend, philosopher and guide of the students. I wish all the very best to the institution for a bright future.


Jt. General Manager
Essar Steel India Ltd. – Pipe Mill Division
Hazira, Surat

It is a privilege to write about Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce, Surat. My daughter is pursuing her graduation in the said institution. It has really helped her in developing good understanding of the subject matter; social etiquettes and is helping her groom into a responsible citizen.

The best thing about the college is that it emphasizes learning through two-way communication, that is to say, interaction. The library of the college is regularly updated and it is ensured that all relevant material for studying is accessible to the students. As a result, we haven’t had to look for tuition classes and therefore my daughter has time in her hands to pursue her other interests. The college caters to the pursuit of extra knowledge by running many short-term courses, for example, my daughter has joined Tally as well as English Fluency and Accuracy courses.



Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce has proved through years the excellence in education, which can drill in each one’s mind that “vision without action is merely a dream action without vision which just passes the time but vision with action can change the world”. The best part is that the college organizes regular seminars, workshops and counseling sessions, which help the students to equip them with additional skills. All faculties are extremely helpful. They guide and assist students both on academic as well as personal front so that they may be in a better position to encounter the onslaughts of life and come out victorious.

I wish that soon M.Com. will be introduced here so that as a parent I would feel relieved at having continued the post graduation of my daughter Ms. Barkha Makhijani in the same college. I take this as an opportunity to convey my deepest regards to the Principal, faculty members and the management for the amount of perseverance they put in to create a pleasing and progressive ambience for the students and their concern pertaining to the augmentation of the students.


Asst. Teacher
T & T V Sarvajanik School (Primary Eng. Med.)
Nanpura, Surat

It is my proud privilege as a parent to write a few lines on Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce, Surat where my daughter is pursuing her graduation studies. I did not worry much about her studies after the higher secondary education as already knew that the said college is good for her.

VVWCC has been striving hard for the upliftment and empowerment of women through education. To fulfill this aim, it has the best library on 2nd floor, has a computer lab on 1st floor and a good playground for sports. Students are given ample opportunities to give a free play to their creativity and skills.

The girls are groomed to face various situations of life tactfully and are made well-equipped to create their distinct identity in society. Seminars, workshops and counseling sessions are regularly organized to motivate the students intellectually. Parents-teachers’ Meet at college level is unheard of, which is in fact, a regular feature of this college.

All faculties are extremely helpful. They guide and assist students both on academic and personal fronts so that they may be in a better position to encounter the onslaughts of life and come out victorious.

I wish that soon M.Com. will be introduced here so that as a parent, I would feel relieved at having continued the post-graduation of my daughter with the same college. I take this as an opportunity to convey my deepest regards to the Principal, faculty members and the management for the amount of perseverance they put in to create a pleasing and progressive ambience for the students and their concern pertaining to the augmentation of the students.

I wish all the very best to the college for a bright future.


Principal, Dr. P. V. T. Primary School (English Medium)
Vanita Vishram,

As a parent, I feel delighted to write a few lines on an institution that has the motto- “Empowerment of Women not by reforms but by Education”. It is found that the faculty members are well-organized and with their knowledge as well as insights about the subjects, they impart knowledge by using the multiple teaching strategies caterring to the needs of the learners having a variety of skills and interest. They give regular feedback to them and challenge them to achieve their best.

It is glad to see that majority of the students are motivated to participate in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities including sports, performing-arts, literary events etc. Here at the college, discipline procedures are clear and are carried out consistently and hence the girls feel safe. The campus is tidy and the cafeteria is kept clean, as well.

As part of providing career-guidance and counselling, various guest lectures and seminars on different topics by highly qualified professionals are organized that indeed helps the students to update their knowledge. Even the college library is well-equipped with the required materials for the girls.

All this is incomplete without a great team with a great leader. The principal ensures that the teachers have specified plans for students and they are executed well and the faculty members also strive to achieve their targets. She has the courage and stamina to set ambitious goals for the college. She is approachable to the parents and the other members of the college community and responds to their concerns.

I wish all the very best to the team for their future endeavours.


Associate Professor, Deptt. of Civil Engineering
Dean (Faculty Welfare)
Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology Surat

My Perception of Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce, Surat,
It is my proud privilege as a father to write a few lines on Vanita Vishram Women’s College of Commerce, Surat, where my daughter is perusing her graduate studies. When it came to the selection of a good college for her education after 12th class, we were worried and concerned as to where to take admission for her. She got selected in VVWCC, our concern was focused on the college and its academic standards.

Now, when she is in her final year, we are happy and fully satisfied as parents that our choice of the college was indeed a correct one!! This college aims not only in educating women, but also to mentor her and guide her to attain a bright career. It is rightly said that if you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a women, you educate the whole society. Women today plays her own role in building a healthy society and VVWCC plays a major role in providing quality education to these women. In itself, VVWCC provides a strong base for an educated and developed India through women education.

The Principal and the dedicated and well qualified staff are the strength of this college. The continuous attendance monitoring of the students is a gleaming example of their dedication. It is a general impression that college students can bunk classes… who cares?? But the case is not so at VVWCC. Calling meetings of the parents of students black listed is a unique feature of this college. Moreover, students are properly nurtured in their studies. Extra classes, for the weak students as well as for the bright students are appreciable. Career guidance seminars and motivational sessions are a regular feature of this college, hardly seen in other institutes. Well maintained and good infrastructure provides a pleasing ambience for the students.

I take this opportunity to convey my best wishes to the principal, teachers and the management for the pain they put up for the development and growth of this college. My best wishes to all the budding graduates of this college for a bright and better future!! May God bless you all…