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Fourth session of ‘Abhigya’ -Book Review Series

Sep 13, 2019


To inculcate habit of reading among students, Library committee initiated monthly book review series “Abhigya”. As a part of this series, fourth session was organized on September 3rd, 2019.  Around 67 students from FY B.Com, S.Y. B.Com and T.Y.B.Com enthusiastically participated in this book review session.

Two students presented their book review in this session. Sadiyah Kunda from S.Y. B.Com reviewed a book titled Accidental Apprentice by Vikas Swarup. Radha Prajapati from T.Y. B.Com reviewed a book titled સ્વામી વિવેકાનંદનું હિંદુ રાષ્ટ્ર ને સંબોધન (Swami Vivekanand nu  Hindu Rastra ne Sambodhan) by Eknath Rande.

Dr Vishal Bhadani, Independent Soft skill trainer and educator was invited as a guest speaker for the event. Dr Vishal Bhadani reviewed a book 21 lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari. Dr Vishal has explained how author has untangled the technological, political, social and existential quandaries humankind may face in future. He summarized whole book in five dimensions and discuss about the major changes that may take place in job market in near future. He also guided students about possible job opportunities of future.