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Hindi Diwas Celebration

Sep 17, 2019

14th September was the day on which Hindi was adopted as the official Language of the Republic of India by the Constituent Assembly of India in 1949. Hindi is the most spoken language in our country and is a symbol of unity among the countrymen as it binds us all together.  Keeping this in mind, Hindi Diwas was celebrated in the college. As a part of this celebration, we conducted two activities under the Creative Expression & Knowledge Band of Saptdhara in Room No. 5 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. which are enlisted below:

  1. Poetry Recitation in Hindi
  2. Quiz regarding identifying Hindi authors and Poets

9 students enthusiastically participated in Poetry Recitation and presented poems of great Hindi poets as well as self-composed poems. A quiz regarding identifying Hindi authors and poets was also organized by Prof. Himanshu Thakkar and all the students of SY and TY BBA took part in it with much zest. Not only this, our Principal Madam too presented one of her self-composed poem in Hindi and made the atmosphere completely vibrant with her motivational speech. She explained to the students the importance of Hindi as a vital aspect of our culture and how there should be absolutely no shame in speaking the beautiful language Hindi when English is given more importance in our country.  The Event was coordinated by Prof. Divya Patel & Prof. Sapna Desai. Thus, overall everyone participated with great fervor and honoured the National language to make Hindi Diwas a great success.