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Celebration of Cleanliness Week

Sep 30, 2019

30-9-2019-First Day: Cleanliness Drive at Surat Railway Station

On the occasion of 150th Mahatma Gandhi  Jayanti under Cleanliness Drive week our N.S.S. students organised Swacchha Bharat Abhiyan. The students cleaned the Surat Station Plaform No.s 1,4 & also Railway godowns. They collected 20 Kilos of garbage, sorted it and kept it in different dustbins. Moreover the students also spread awareness   of Plastic waste and its causes among the passengers present over there.Director of Railway Station Mr. C.R. Garuda and Mr. Ashwini kumar Verma appreciated the work of students and encouraged them to aware the people in future too about cleanliness.

1-10-2019- Second Day: Campus Walk (Rally) on the theme of “No Plastic Pollution” 


On the Second Day, of Cleanliness Week Rally was organised in Vanita Vishram Campus on ‘Say No to Single Plastic’. Through this slogan students gave a social message for being Eco Friendly and save Environment. They also took oath for keeping the environment Clean.

Talk Show was organised on “Relevance of Gandhian Ideology in present times”. The Participants had put forward their thoughts on the  topic and had an interactive session with the audience.

Cleanliness Drive was also Carried out by the students.

3-10-19 Third Day: Distribution of Hygiene Products in Slum Area

On the Third Day Students of N.S.S. Unit visited the Slum Area of Azad Nagar, Surat. They distributed 150 Personal Hygiene Product Kits which contained Soap, Tooth Post, Tooth Brush, etc to the people residing there. They also spread awareness of personal Hygiene and cleanliness among them.