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Webinar on “Love you Zindagi!”

Jun 30, 2020


On close analysis of youth culture in present times, leads to shocking realities of largely prevailing depression, impatience, anxiety and lack of proper sense of direction. Number of suicide cases has surfaced and got media attention in recent times. In order to create awareness on suicide prevention and give our students, assurance about availability of consultancy services within Vanita Vishram Campus for mental, emotional and psychological health issues, this webinar was organized on June 25, 2020 at 11:30am to 12:30pm by Mrs. Aruna Himanshu Thakkar-Hon. Director of Counselling Centre, Vanita Vishram through Zoom Meeting and You Tube Live Streaming.

Resource person pertinently explained about importance of human life and encouraged students to speak their heart out. Discuss their issues with their parents and loved ones. She also diligently handled the query session. It was a successful webinar and all the participants appreciated it. The Webinar was conducted by NSS Program Officer Dr. Krishna Desai.