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Webinar on “Stress Management and Immunity Building amidst Covid-19”

Jun 25, 2020


As a part of International Yoga Day Celebration, under the guidance of Prin. Dr. Abhilasha Agarwal, NSS Unit of the College organized this Webinar. The objective of this Webinar was to enlighten people about health benefits of Yoga. Regular practice of Yoga not only tones one’s body but also ensures mental and psychological wellbeing. It induces positivity in outlook. Yoga helps in reducing weight, keeps diabetes and other aliments at bay and strengthens immunity. In a way, Yoga offers a complete workout regime. Especially, in the ongoing situation of pandemic Covid-19, it has become must for everyone to practice yoga.

Resource person Mrs. Alka Sankhala-Yoga & Preksha Meditation International Yoga Trainer orated about different types of Yoga, explained in detail about the proper manner and techniques of practicing yoga. She also gave an overview of ideal diet to be consumed to boost immunity and improve digestion.

We also had Mrs. Ranjana Bholawat-Yoga & Preksha Meditation Co-Trainer who demonstrated various yogasanas and pranayamas for better understanding of our participants.

The Webinar was attended by 592 participants. In the end, a quick Question – Answer session was planned. Resource person aptly handled and responded to all the queries of the participants. The program was manged by NSS Program Officer Dr. Krishna Desai.